NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond

Gabija Pritkovaitė Noor kunstnik

Gabija Pritkovaitė (1998) I am an artist in creative practice who is finishing her studies in painting. I am examining both personal and collective memory, how to express the properties of things, light and mood relationships, or I use it as the basis of a narrative, which eventually becomes unclear – whether it is autobiographical or fictitious. Reflecting on objects or photos characteristic of specific eras, as if I were traveling through time, turning someone else’s past into my present. In this way, I am looking for a way to access the foundation of human need and to restore time, as I experienced, enabling not only to remember, but also to reconcile. I’m staying in virtual image archives, interiors, among people spinning in festive music, between Christmas tree toys, in the mirror of the car – although I think I’m sitting in the back, I can‘t see my image in it. I am looking for people’s memories, possibly suitable people’s images, fragments of their vanishing moments. Some retain many distinguishing marks, essential points of thought in flow, some remain a question in painting, some sign as an answer in everyday life.


150 x 170 cm
100 x 70 cm