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Agata Orlovska

Kunstniku päritolumaa: Leedu

Agata Orlovska (b. 1998) is a young generation painter who also creates objects and sound installations. Looking for connections between the body of painting and the body of a picture, the artist does not limit herself to the materiality of the canvas, conceptually preventing the technique and narrative of the work from coming into contact. The narration of the work in Agata’s creation enables a personal relationship of the artist with the developing theme, but is abstracted and becomes a subtle, almost unrecognizable reference to the plot of the canvas. Color, stroke or its texture in her canvases act as cultural references, as the body of painting acquires associativity, and the knowledge of technology allows the creator to notice narratives in the medium itself. Some of Orlovska’s works are characterized by the expression of classical conceptualism, in others, using humor, the artist reflects on the issues of craftsmanship and elitism of painting. While deconstructing the narrative of the work, Agata often senses the movement of the image, capturing it in its own stage of development. Equally important in the artist’s work is the reflection of the invisible sound phenomenon, which functions through research into the phenomenon of acousmatics. Interrelationships between image and sound, their integrity and reflections become the main object of Orlovska’s artistic re search and the basis of the conceptual creative plane. With her sound works, the artist asks in what ways invisible sound functions in contemporary visuality, how thoughts are expressed without a traceable visual source, what significance and relationship to painting have other se nses that are not based on sight. Here, the question of perceptual visuality is extended to an other area of critically defined media, to the area of its interpretation and unknown potential. Involvement of the viewer (listener) in the active experience of such an artistic research is gu aranteed by the experience of the dichotomy of belief and knowledge, which is ch aracteristic of the definition of acousmatics, and which emerges when the creators manipulate the relationship between perception and (sub)vision of the perceiver. RELEASE 2023 MA in Painting (Research paper topic: “Per speculum et in aenigmate: The manifestation of the accusative in the visual”) Vilnius Academy of Arts. 2021 Bachelor of Painting (thesis topic: “The Manifestation of the Accusmatic in Painting”), Vilnius Academy of Arts. GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2023 – Group exhibition at the Freedom Party Headquarters, Vilnius, Lithuania 2023 – Group exhibition “Now” at Vilnius Academy of Arts, Vilnius, Lithuania 2022 – Group exhibition ,,Drifts’’, Drifts gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania 2022 – Group exhibition at music and art festival “Iškrovos”, Panevėžys, Lithuania. 2022 – Group exhibition “Counter-argument V”, Meno Parkas gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania. 2022 – Group exhibition “PPP1”, VDA gallery “Tapybos Koridorius”, Vilnius, Lithuania. 2021 – Group exhibition “+37,5′” Tapybos Koridorius”, Vilnius, Lithuania. 2020 – Group exhibition “Po viena”, VDA gallery “Tapybos Koridorius”, Vilnius, Lithuania. 2020 – Group exhibition “Krateris”, VDA project space “Crematorium/art kilns”, Vilnius, Lithuania. SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2023 – Solo exhibition ,,Per speculum et in aenigmate” at gallery ,,Vartai”, Vilnius, Lithuania. 2022 – Solo exhibition “Klausytis2”, VDA gallery “Akademija”, Vilnius, Lithuania. WORKSHOPS 2021 – Workshop for Masters students at Nida Art Colony, Nida, Lithuania. 2020 – Painting practice at Nida Art Colony, Nida, Lithuania. 2020 – Painting plein air workshop at Mizarai Practice and Recreation Base, Mizarai, Lithuania. 2019 – Painting and drawing practice at Mizarai Practice and Recreation Base, Mizarai, Lithuania. 2018 – Painting plein air painting workshop at Panemune Castle, Panemune, Lithuania. AWARDS 2023 – Young Painter Prize finalist. Lithuania 2023 – Winner of the M. K. Čiurlionis National Incentive Scholarship. Lithuania 2022 – Laureate of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union Prize. Lithuania


260 x 300 cm
270 x 131 cm
160 x 135 cm