NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond

Wide hand, 2024

183 x 130 cm

Found objects

Wide Hand is a sculpture part of the Spaceways to Earthly Matters installation. Throughout history, humanity has been fascinated by the possibility of life beyond our planet. Efforts to reach out and connect with extraterrestrial intelligence have included initiatives like the Voyager Golden Record, which aimed to introduce our civilization to any potential alien discoverers. “SPACEWAYS TO EARTHLY MATTER” explores this enduring human desire to communicate with alien beings. What aspects of ourselves would we choose to share if we were to encounter extraterrestrial life? From our technological advancements, like the internet, to the darker aspects of our history, such as colonialism, genocide, and war, what drives and defines us as a species? “SPACEWAYS TO EARTHLY MATTER” reflects on humanity’s relationship with material and systematic exploitation. The artwork parallels the current surge in space exploration by private companies and historical maritime expeditions, both driven by a quest for profit and resource acquisition. The pieces suggest relics from an alien civilization using human-made objects as if piecing together the essence of humanity. By using these found objects, the artwork hints at defining humanity similarly to how data forms understanding. These everyday materials become clues to human culture and values.

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