NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond
SILDID: NOBA Award´24  

There was a horse, it looked something like this, 2024

300 x 300 cm

Installation: Wood, papier mache, spotlights, frames from found wood, drawings, inkjet photo Various sizes

The question most often asked about my work is– why horses? The honest answer is that I grew up around them, and they have always been somewhat mythological creatures for me. Big and powerful but melancholy, restrained by a strange power dynamic. Horses are the most often represented animals in prehistoric art. They have been used to symbolize strength, death, water, sexuality, freedom, fear and pretty much everything else. In my work I depict horses as faulty, puny, stretched, distraught. The central figure in the room is a horse calf, who in theory has the potential to become strong and mighty, yet he is stuck, worried, lost. Rooted into place, gazing on as events and ideas appear and disappear, being unable to change anything. The space presents a frozen situation, a hermetic, sealed off world, the concentrate of a situation, memory or a feeling. It is the gray area between real and imagined, the potential of strength attributed to the horse and the powerless reality of it. A place where all appears to be wrong yet it still exists, the weak and frail remain standing despite everything, the patchy frames are still frames, the faulty drawings are still drawings.

Photos by Joosep Kivimäe and Ott Kattel