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The not seeing One, 2023

50 x 40 cm

oil on canvas

Death is a subject that can be endlessly pondered. We will probably never know what happens after death (aside from physical events). But what happens to the human consciousness? Is the nothingness that people who have experienced clinical death really felt? The dead are mute. We can only interpret the deceased from what we knew about them or what we see in them. Animals are mute anyway, they don’t know how to speak our languages, they only communicate with sounds that we don’t understand. And when they die, we still understand that they are dead, because there is no longer the feature that tells whether the object is alive or not – there is no more reaction. Therefore, when I depict a dead animal in my painting, I depict only as much as it tells on the outside. By painting, I create conditions for analyzing, or rather, interpreting such images. Because we hide the dead. Although not all – stuffed animals are produced for the purposes of education and fauna perpetuation. However, mostly with stuffed animals it is trying to recreate the appearance of a living animal. While remaining a clear falsification, the stuffed animals, purposely or not, convey various expressions. A distorted, confused, unseeing gaze creates the impression of stuck senses. Hard-to-read statuses also confuse the viewer. Artwork participated in my MA graduating project “Obscura”, 2023.

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