NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond

The birth of Ella, 2022


Acrylics on unprimed linen

The birth of Ella is about making indeterminate conversions visible. In the beginning there was a reference photo presenting a pile of timber. This prime image was just one stopping point where something else will grow. It is possible to outline transitions between tree-timber-pile-photo-painting-figures, where the finished painting is just one location in an endless chain of events.

Painting is a medium that entails huge cultural history and certain ways of seeing and thinking. Choosing this particular approach also changes the chain of meaning, which reaches beyond this particular painting. Raw linen, pigments and glue come into picture. As well the visual shapes on a canvas are of certain kind, speaking some european language of forms/colours.

There is not any obvious theme to catch, not real figures nor true abstractions – but there certainly are oddly familiar visual paths that our brains are obliged to follow. We recognize hints of a landscape, or a layout, or a person, all present at the same time. The birth of Ella, the name of the painting, adds one final position. It makes quite open connection to the named one, who is partly absent. Ella is another place to fulfill, and it is viewers task to remember who his or her Ella was.

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