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Shades of Love, Desire, Infidelity and Truth, 2021


Paintings on canvas (acrylics and tempera), wall paint, textile, videos Energic, complex, huge pillow wall painting containing the whole spectrum of colors. Infidelity is never just black and white, but it is complex pallet of all the shades of love and hate, pain and pleasure. Orange – energy, spring, sexy. Can painting be sexy, fresh and juicy medium? Can video be jealous on painting, because I spent the whole yesterday with?

Acrylic and tempera on canvas

As Matisse painted the famous and beautiful dance, I wanted to finish my Master project by the ideal idea of everyone being together, flourishing and dancing happily. Is polyamory the right path? I don’t know yet. While painting I focus on the pace and rhythm of how the brush touches the surface. It is always an author’s arm and hand directing the movement. Very often it is sensual. Here I question: How do colors mingle ? Could paint be unfaithful? If one color cheats on another (third), are the color combinations still pure or dirty in the sense that they are bad, as when people lie and cheat in a relationship that is deteriorating? I wonder if people could behave towards each other the same way brush strokes behave on the surface; flowing, independent, equal, non-judgmental, blending into each other without being jealous, exactly as we are at the beginning of a relationship when we fall in love. But who knows what colors think…

Acrylic and tempera on canvas

As the brush dips into the acrylic paint resting on a repurposed porcelain plate, the canvas can’t wait to hit the paint. The Light Blue Sky has already warmed the walls of the bathroom with the help of neon yellow towels. Quietly hanging on the wall, they watch everything tensely while the bath is ready. The underwear is thrown on the floor, the water isn’t still but splashing all over the bathroom while green is seducing its other shades. The brush strokes are fluid, they become independent actors. Their desire is sprayed through a douche, just asa painter sprays water around a painting with a brush. The painting is damp, as is the act of love, as well as the canvas on which it is being worked. Just as children are created from love, so new shades are created from brushstrokes. Emerald green discovers love through longing shades of green. The bath can begin. Lay on my brushstrokes. Even if I’m lying, the pleasure is true. A delicate lie, a delightful truth.

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