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Shaded Ottoman, 2022

42 x 50 cm

Upcycled old Soviet ottoman with custom designed textile

Practical art piece. No-pattern-grid or ‘Shaded wireframe’ view in a 3D software, a connotation to the ‘digital


Shaded & Bliss Ottoman, 2022

Twin forms with different patterns are aimed to point at phenomena of digital

multiplication, which in any 3D software is an extremely fast and easy one-click

task. Moving from no-pattern-grid (as ‘Shaded’ view in 3D) to Bliss pattern, featuring default computer wallpaper of Microsoft’s Windows XP, is another click away — the texture applied. On the contrary, creating two identical shapes manually is not an easy labour, requiring time and great precision. For the

‘textures’, two different fabrics designs were customly made and applied to the pieces by hand.

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