NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond

SILDID: NOBA Award´21  

Scenography and costumes for, 2021


Scale model + digital alteration

The World is currently in a global pandemic bubble and the usual reality and the everyday life as we all knew it slowly, but determinedly is disappearing before our eyes, the economy collapses, physical and mental health fades. In the collective subconscious, questions arise, “will there be art? Will there be exhibitions, theatres? Or will be there Academy of Arts? ”. The questions are huge, but there are no answers. Only one thing is clear – nothing more will not be as before. The central motif of the Meterlink’s play is the search for happiness, which in the current circumstances inadvertently become topical. Today’s scientific research identifies happiness as a chemical reaction. For example, the happiness hormone dopamine is released at the belief of some achievement and serves as an award mechanism. However, this has not led to happiness losing its enigmatic nature in the eyes of people. At the end of the play, the playwright expresses the idea that happiness is a moment, an elusive magnitude. In the visual dramaturgy concept, I gain confidence that happiness is found in the search process itself. The creation of the bachelor’s thesis was closely related to the my reflection on current macros and micro-environmental events around the world. The process of work included reflection of personal self-search in life, in art and scenography. The storyline of the play’s characters travel and newly acquired ability to see the true nature of things, associatively correlates with my vision of art studies, which were approaching their end. After graduation, we all are forced to leave our companions in the dream-like Art Academy and return home.. However, the graduated of 2021, instead of “asylum” gets to nuclear winter. In the scenography concept, the visual solution was formed by Meterlink ‘s plot intertwined with the story of not yet fully created world in which courage, hope and happiness must be found. “Blue Bird” tells us about a journey after which the ability to recognize one’s happiness is gained. Probably today, more and before, it is necessary to realize that, in a world without tomorrow, the experience of just a spark of will alone can be called happiness.