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Installatsioon "2015.01.28 - 2019.05.24", 2019

2000 x 200 cm

This 35mm projector was projecting positive 35mm film shot on various sorts of film (expired soviet film and modern Kodak film).

From 2016 artist started shooting the image of the same view from his window. It

2016 artist was just beginning to learn analog photography at the time and when he moved to his current home, there was a sort of a beginning of a more stable life. Influenced by this change, he filmed the first few shots from his window.

This collection marks the journey of learning photography – after  few years of accidental (technically good or bad shots) of this window view, the artist started to shift the vindow views to “specifically adjusted” shots that emphased the artists current emotional state (controlling the outcome of the shot like opening the aperature too much or defocusing the image or putting in a too long shutter speed not suited for handheld photography).

This collection became a structural (racionalized) reflection of artist emotional self. Artist connects this work with Hiroshi Sugimoto’s “Seascapes”. Behind this projection are 10 images printed from various film onto photographic paper. They are virtually all the same composition, but just slightly different in their attributes. The projector is placed on a pile of books which are “color charts”

Documentation of “something that happened” connected to  “something that is happening”.

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part of installation "2015.01.28 - 2019.05.24" - Arnas Špakauskas
part of installation "2015.01.28 - 2019.05.24"  
297 x 21 cm
part of l "2015.01.28 - 2019.05.24" - Arnas Špakauskas
part of l "2015.01.28 - 2019.05.24"  
111 x 111 cm