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SILDID: NOBA Award´23  

Parade of Flying episodes, 2023

7 x 15 cm

Kinetic sculptures (electronics, paper, wire, wood), objects (paper, wood, metal) video projections, costumes ( fabric).

Sound composed by Andrejs Poikans. Duration 45 min.

The masters project is a scenography for the contemporary theater performance “Parade of Flying Episodes”.

Master’s project is based on the chapter “Dream of Flight” from Gaston Bachelard’s essay “Air and Dreams: Imagination of Movement” (1943) . As a sub-theme of the master’s thesis, is the human desire to fly, that is explored in a metaphorical and direct way. “Parade of Flight Episodes” is a performance that takes scenography as a point of departure in the creative process and explores the possible outcomes of such an approach. Firstly In the artistic study, the theme is carried out on an associative and visual level, taking into account the images described by Gaston Bachelard, supplementing them with other visual references and connecting them with personal experiences. Secondly, the artistic means of expression of contemporary theater are studied, focusing on visual dramaturgy, performing with objects, objects – performers. The practical realisation consists of sketches, scenography and performance. The starting point of the performance dramaturgy is the created visuality. The theatre performance is developed together with artist and choreographer Laima Jaunzema and sound artist Andrejs Poikans. Performed by Laima Jaunzema, Clea Filippa and Beate Poikane. Premiere took place in ‘Tu jau zini Kur’ concert hall in Tallinas street quarter, Riga, on 30 and 31 of May.

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Parade of Flying episodes - Beate Poikane
Parade of Flying episodes  
7 x 15 cm