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SILDID: NOBA Award´23  

Nimeämätön (left without a title), 2023

27 x 39 cm

spray paint on sun-dried clay, a wooden pedestal and a clamp

The sculpture consists of spray painted clay disks which are squeezed together with a metal clamp. The sculpture stands loose on a wooden pedestal. The clay is not fired. It continued to dry for the whole exhibition. The spray paint crackled and affected the drying process of the clay. I was interested in the subtle change of color in clay and how the spray paint is something so unnatural on the surface of the clay. Also the work forced me to leave marks and traces of its own making. In this sense it has a more clear presence of the artist’s ghost. Through its materials it is also in a state of neverending change. The sculpture was exhibited in Kuva/Tila as part of the Bachelors degree show.

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Nimeämätön (left without a title) - Hermanni Härmälä
Nimeämätön (left without a title)  
226 x 160 cm