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Miracles (1/6), 2024

119 x 84 cm

Pigment print, digital photography

lily / flamingo / alice in wonderland / skyscraper / kite / unicorn / vampire / boogeyman / dragon /

This piece is from a series called “Miracles”, consisting of 6 photography prints in total. “Miracles” is one part of my Graphic Art BA thesis project “__abled” at Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA), supervised by Asst. Prof. Agnė Dautartaitė-Krutulė. “__abled” was showcased in “Debesys” – a curated exhibition by Dr. Vidas Poškus, comprised of selected graduating students’ works at VAA “Titanikas”, as a part of VAA’s Graduation Show 2024. Short description of the project: “__abled” tells the story of a girl born with a rare genetic illness, through which [I] explore the power of a childlike spirit and point of view, no matter the circumstances. The story is told through a series of photographs and installations inspired by the works of Jan Švankmajer, which illustrate moments from her childhood that highlight the naiveté, sense of humor, and playfulness of a kid, and how that manifests in difficult situations. That’s how her hands, affected by the genetic mutation, become fantastical objects, how a bone fragment removed during surgery becomes a trophy. Being born with a disability implies a life of uncertainty, both physical and mental difficulties, and fear. But is there anything to be afraid of, when it all becomes something to play with?

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Miracles (2/6) - Matilda Songailaitė
Miracles (2/6)  
119 x 84 cm
Miracles (3/6) - Matilda Songailaitė
Miracles (3/6)  
119 x 84 cm