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Maybe 35 summers left, Green photo no.1., 2020

For photo setting: wrapping tissue paper, ink and spray colour, my body and ready made, outfit, urban lanscape; Digital photography “Maybe 35 summers left” series of work involve elements of installation, photography, video, performance, sound, social media. I took photos and videos with my mobile phone, posted them on Youtube, where I can immerse myself into “secret” information about APOCALYPSE. My objects were made of wrapping tissue paper, later I interacted with them while filming or taking photos. So, paper decayed. Another key word of my work was ENTROPY. In the same time posting my photos on instagram or videos on YouTube I join the global urge of inner QUEST – finding a way and not to perish. The work has participated in The Art Academy of Latvia graduate work virtual exhibition FRESH MEAT FOR CRITIQUE, www.virtuaal.lma.lv; performance “Maybe 35 summers left” at Tērbatas summer street, Riga; group show “Journey into Nature Culture” at ONKC, Ogre.

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"Maybe 35 summers left", Blue photo no.1  
"Maybe 35 summers left", one of Installation versions  
Maybe 35 summers left, Red photo no.1.