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Mature Beauty III, 2013



The target of my project is – the research of middle-age women, in particular how they treat their body and to what extent they feel themselves beautiful, desired, sexual. Today the society is fobbed off on the body vision in a glamorous light. We consider only dolly-smooth plastic bodies beautiful. This stereotype is forced on us by the mass media to such an extent, that men who have never seen such women bodies dream about having such dolly-plastic women in their beds. Women influenced by this stereotype torture themselves with diets and pilings and uglify their bodies with plastic operations. For the last 10 years the number of plastic operations in Russia has grown in orders. Nobody keeps statistics, and even wives keep from their husbands the deed of operation in secret, but it is enough to look around in order to pick up on a trend. I saw when men showed disgust looking at the photograph of overweight or middle-age woman. Women like these provoked my interest. I wondered how these women treat their own bodies, to what extent they fell beautiful, desired, to what extent they are able to take off clothes on camera. In the process of shooting one observation surprised and gladdened me. A woman who allows herself to take off clothes on camera is very communicative, cheerful and open in the real world. She is not ashamed of her body, she is easy-going and happy.

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