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Lythomancy, 2021


homegrown crystals, acrylic, metallic screws, aluminium, electronic components, human hair

“Lythomancy” (2019-2021) is an experimental creative project on how to pass electricity through hair and consequently create a piezoelectric microphone with home-grown crystals. Through this project I study how to turn the subject into an object, inanimate objects to life, and turn relics into a sound jewellery to display affection similar to that of the relic worship during the nineteenth-century. The relic worship, according to Deborah Lutz speaks about a “desire to see death as a proof that the dead exists somewhere” in life, perhaps in the form of an after-life, perhaps in a parallel – or simultaneous environments to that of the living. This is project is currently in completion and therefore has not yet participated in any exhibition.

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