NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond
SILDID: NOBA Award´20  

Four Objects, 2020

999 x 999 cm

Marble, video, wooden pallets Four objects Column shaft height 30 cm, with 40 cm, Column capital height 32cm, width 90 cm. The work investigates the problem of the disappearance of authentic culture, which manifests itself in conjunction with the processes of globalization, cultural genocide, and theft of works. This theme is important because culture forms the spiritual foundations of man and creates a human identity that is important to human existence. In „Four objects“ the column of the ancient ionic order is chosen as the Western culture foundation symbol. There are two main parts of the column: the capital and the shaft, but there is no column base that indicates the absence of cultural grounds. The culture is being destroyed and separated in parts during the thefts. To depict these processes the capital and the shaft are fragmented: parts of them are cut out, however, left so that it is possible to see to which part of the column the fragments belong. Both fragments have their boxes adapted to their shapes, which seem to envelop the columns fragments and preserve them. (Videos shows how boxes envelop fragments) making boxes small museums for fragments, as well as performing functions of transporting and transporting column fragments. Globalization is presented through different types of marble. For the column capital fragment, colored Ural marble was used and for the column shaft fragment, white Carrara and gray Ural marble were used. Also, column fragments are different in scale, as if taken from different locations and contexts but now merged into one sculptural group.