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Fossilization of Zalipie, 2023

130 x 80 cm

Printmaking, Collage, Watercolor

Currently displayed at international biennale of printmaking in Poznan, Poland (https://kulturaupodstaw.pl/filmy/error/ works at 1:10 in video)

Concept: 7 years ago I moved to Poland and for the 6 years that I lived in Wroclaw had heard of the beauty of Zalipie. It wasn’t until I was leaving Poland that I finally visited the idealic town, with flowers painted on every surface. Zalipie was love embodied in painting and tradition. The homes a depiction of individual lifetimes dedicated to a single place. My husband and I travelled there together several months later – when all of the flowers had lost their petals. This was the last time I ever saw him. I didn’t create any art until the following spring when I started obsessively drawing and printing these flowers. Living is very circular; life and death, love and heartbreak, a beginning and an end. I imagined Zalipie in Summer and Winter, leaving its mark in the tectonic record. Some day it would be uncovered in fossils millions of years from now. Delicate flowers etching their way into stone, a memory of perfection.

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130 x 60 cm