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SILDID: NOBA Award´24  

Duality. Dualis, 2023

46 x 46 cm

Discarted soft toys, plastic, Imagination charts “Duality. Dualis” – the foundation and content of a smooth contrast (antithesis) of choices; an attempt to visualise time and debate which side to choose. Desire or breath. Constraint or freedom. Accumulation or release. Uniformity or singularity. Vacuum or fullness. Danger or safety. Which part is which? Two opposing creative tools are juxtaposed – the solid, emotionless plastic and the visual language close to the artist’s heart – discarded soft toys that are no longer needed, quite intimate and private, belonging to specific people. The synergy of these two choices brings together a field of inquiry that is of concern to the artist. Traditionally, soft toys are an almost universal symbol of comfort, security, innocence. Their tipping is conceptualised as an invisible side that is unraveled. Here, the concept and image of the traditional toy is interrupted, they are reimagined in artistic language and the innocence of the plush image tells a different, unchildlike story. The work took part in: 2023 09 06 – 2023 09 30 “AUSTĖJA. Knots/ Honeycomb/ Ribbons“, VAA exhibition halls „Titanikas“ (LT), June 3 – 14, 2024 solo exhibition “Transformations and Connections”, Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center, in the context of VAA Graduation Show 2024 (LT, Vilnius).

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