NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond

CYCLE, 2021

wood, digital print on cotton

This work was exhibited at my solo-exhibition “Whole” during Art Festival Cesis, Latvia, summer of 2021. The inspiration for this series was born in the dark shadow cast on to us by the global pandemic. Since the moment it began, I noticed that our lives had changed based on a huge emphasis on physical health, consequentially leaving behind concerns about our mental health. Since no one could help me with the increasing hopelessness of all the canceled plans and exhibitions of the pandemic, I decided to take my mental health matters into my own hands. I engaged in several ancient healing rituals, which later came to be the source of inspiration for a series of artworks. Being buried in soil is a very ancient healing tradition in many different cultures across the globe. I asked my friends to bury me neck-deep in forest soil, and 6 months later I was buried again, only in deep snow. This symbolical burial of all the old, decayed and unnecesary turned out to be a life-shattering experience for me, that I was eager to convey further on to the viewer. The process of this ritual was captured in digital (one could say – immortal) images. By printing them onto an old, yellowing fabric, I transformed these digital images into mortal, decaying beings.

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Sprezzatura. I  
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Sprezzatura. Fossils of the studio