NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond

SILDID: NOBA Award´21  

Copies, 2021

Live stream projection, full body 3D scanner (aluminium rod, Raspberry PI zero W 5 pcs, V8 Cameras 5 pcs, wires, motor) Copies 2021

Copies is an artwork that consists of a full body 3D scanner and a projection of a 3D version of the gallery space. The work is meant to give the viewer a possibility to participate by making a 3D scan of themselves. The scan will produce a 3D model of the participant which is then placed into the 3D gallery space. The models live inside the virtual gallery space and make their own choices of what to do. The models are saved within the site specific version of the artwork. The relationship between the viewer and the models differs depending on in what circumstance they meet. Whether the viewer has scanned themselves and sees their copy, or has chosen not to participate and only to observe past visitors of the exhibition.

Copies opens up and raises questions about relationships, identity, space and time in an ever changing way as the artwork transforms a little bit every time somebody makes the decision whether or not to participate in the work. Copies have been exhibited in the 2021 BFA show at Kuva/Tila gallery, Helsinki, with the following text in the exhibition catalogue: Who are you? Let’s pretend for a minute that you could see yourself from a distance. Let’s pretend that you could observe yourself, not as a mirror image, but as another human being. In other words, let’s pretend that you could make a copy of yourself. Would you recognize yourself? Would it still be you, or would it be someone else – someone unknown? And what happens when you choose to leave and your copy remains? What happens when your copy transforms to a memory of something that once was but is no longer? Can you really leave yourself behind or do you leave someone else? Who am I looking at when I see your copy?