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Beyond visible, 2019

15 x 15 cm

Handmade pigments and mixed media on wooden panel / decayed wood, ochre minerals “Beyond visible” is an installation, containing series of objects, created combining natural pigments and fragments of decayed found objects.

Artist about artwork:”I am fascinated by possibilities of different expressions and their combinations, also the expansion of boundaries between installation and classical painting techniques that take on a spatial dimension in the creative process. The axis around which this object revolves around is material. It interests me as an object carrying historical weight, whose metamorphoses open up opportunities to create a personal narrative. In this case I use the term materiality to portray a rich, multi-layered aspect of an artwork. It can be defined through surface descriptions, but in order to grasp the content, the viewer is encouraged to take a closer look at the context underneath the surface. My creative practice is based on creating a close relationship with materials, their selection process and storytelling, which arises from intertwining the story of the object together with my own personal insights.”

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