NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Just before the extensive renovation works start, Tallinn Art Hall welcomes everyone at a cheerful last exhibition! "We’ll Be Right Back, You Just Keep Playing!" brings together different generations of artists based in Estonia.

“While the renovation of its main building is taking place, Tallinn Art Hall will move from Freedom Square to Lasnamäe. We thought that the last show before we left should be a cheerful “See you soon!”. That is why the title We’ll Be Right Back is supplemented with You Just Keep Playing. No matter how crazy the world is around us, our children and the children within us need to be able to play; otherwise, they will not grow,” says Tamara Luuk, curator of the exhibition.

“Having a child means dedicating a large part of your life to them. And, if you happen to be an artist, the inner child sneaks into your creativity in every possible way: as a co-creator, entrusting their fantasies to you or sublimating your own tenderness and care. But not only that.”

Although Estonian art usually tends to be rather serious, you can indeed find joyful play in it – not only in the subject matter of the works of art, but also in their structure and development, their lines, colours and volumes.

“It is also found in the artist’s idea, to which the viewer adds their own experience because it is very important for an art lover to be willing to play along! Only then can we join Raul Meel, the most venerable and one of the oldest artists in this exhibition, in saying that “the precondition for eternal life is noticing the beauty in playing”. Before awaiting a happy reunion, we will play one last round in our good old Art Hall building, after which we will welcome you to the Lindakivi pavilion in Lasnamäe. Please keep playing! We’ll just be away for a little while,” Luuk adds.

Photos from the opening by Ivar Hütt.

Participating artists are Art Allmägi, Dénes Farkas and Neeme Külm, Edith Karlson, Jass Kaselaan, Alice Kask, Kaarel Kurismaa, August Künnapu, Camille Laurelli, Kris Lemsalu, Raul Meel, Marko Mäetamm, Robin Nõgisto, Kaido Ole, Villu Plink and Silja Saarepuu, Mark Raidpere, Taave Tuutma and Maria-Kristiina Ulas. The designer of the exhibition is Neeme Külm.