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Tallinn Art Hall will host a memorial exhibition at the Art Hall Gallery, Leo, dedicated to Leonhard Lapin, an important figure in Estonian art. The exhibition was compiled by Sirje Helme, director of the Art Museum of Estonia, and Tamara Luuk, curator at Tallinn Art Hall.

The exhibition is a tribute to recently passed Leonhard Lapin, whose work and activities were closely connected with Tallinn Art Hall. 

The exhibition will be open from 8 April until the beginning of the renovation works of the Art Hall building on 5 June. The exhibits include Lapin’s well-known series Processes (1980-1995, Art Museum of Estonia) and Rhythms on the Sphere (1992, private collection). A selection of texts and poems by Leonhard Lapin also forms an integral part of the exhibition.

““Seeing the sparkling sunlight reflected on the windows of the Art Hall, I do feel that the Sun rises from the Art Hall, the Temple of Art. And it also sets there, to later rise again,” Leo wrote on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Tallinn Art Hall. Even though his bursts of generosity and tenderness may have been preceded and followed by cursing and imprecation, we all knew that Leo was like Life itself – in a constant, often contradictory flow. Keep flowing with passion and peace, Leo! We will cherish your legacy!” curator Tamara Luuk comments on the soon to open memorial exhibition.