NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Permanent Exhibition of Kadriorg Art Museum

Paintings from the 16th–18th century. Dutch, German, Italian and Russian masters. Western European and Russian applied art and sculpture from the 18th–20th century

A Visit. A Selection of Works from the Collection of Johannes Mikkel

Johannes Mikkel (1907–2006) was one of the most remarkable art collectors in Estonia. His extensive collection of more than six hundred objects, including older paintings and prints from Western Europe, as well as ceramics from Europe, Russia and Asia, was assembled in Soviet Estonia at the time when dealing in…

Always by Our Side: Cats and Dogs in 16th‒19th-Century Art

For thousands of years, cats and dogs have lived side by side with people. Throughout history, they have continued to inspire artists. The exhibition explores how cats and dogs have been depicted in art from the early modern period to the end of the 19th century and focusses on their…

From Memling to Rubens: The Golden Age of Flanders

The magnificent exhibition introduces the abundant 15th‒17th century Flemish art collection of The Phoebus Foundation, and provides an overview of the versatility of the Belgian art culture of the time. The display juxtaposes the long tradition of religious art and portraits reflecting the importance and rising self-awareness of the individual…