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Paul Beaudoin's solo exhibition "you're almost there!" will be open at Staapli 3 Art Gallery. The exhibition displays the artist's more recent paintings and is his first solo exhibition at Staapli 3 Art Gallery.

“you’re almost there!” is a series of works inspired by the Noblessner neighbourhood where Paul lives. Paul has drawn inspiration from the colours, sounds, textures and natural environment surrounding the Kalamaja and Noblessner neighbourhood. These elements have been combined into a series of twelve abstract mixed media canvases that embrace the essence of this historical region.
The chance to slowly observe how life moves gave Paul a deep sense of connection during the many months of quarantine during the last year. Even during “normal” times, the artist works alone with memory and brings to life the inspiration and creation of work that hopes to be the essence of every experience.

Paul Beaudoin is an interdisciplinary artist working effortlessly between sound, paint, digital video and text. His works are characterised by expressive, emotional and bold colour fields and mark-making that create a rich mixed media canvas. Paul creates his visual work as if composing a piece of music – by embracing balance, harmony, form, rhythm and the “line.” And as in real life, his art’s seemingly soft fields and shapes also contain broken surfaces, disturbances, and hidden and underground lines.
Paul is a globally recognised composer, visual artist, public speaker, and author. Originally from the United States, he now makes his home in Tallinn, Estonia.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Staapli 3 Art Gallery will not host exhibition openings. We kindly ask our exhibition visitors to observe the 2+2 rule, wear a mask and adhere to the hygiene requirements.

Exhibition is open until 06.06.2021
Gallery is open Mon-Tue 10-6pm, Wed-Sun 10-8pm
More information:

Gallery name: Staapli 3 Art Gallery

Address: Staapli 3-114, Tallinn

Opening hours: Mon-Thu 10:00 - 20:00, Fri-Sun 09:00 - 20:00

Open: 06.05.2021 - 06.06.2021