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Juhan Kuus Documentary Photo Centre has opened its first virtual exhibition, One Day I Will by photographer Vincent Tremeau. The exhibition was on display at the gallery in 2020 and looks at the courage, creativity and vulnerability of children and the importance of education in crisis hotspots. The exhibition was made in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to mark the 75th anniversary of the UN. The virtual design and learning materials were created in collaboration with the World School of NGO Mondo.

“This is an exhibition that opens up your world and soul. Last year we saw that the exhibition touched many visitors of the centre and brought together people and organisations that had a global and heartfelt perspective on the world. We are happy that the exhibition is now available to everyone online for free,” Kristel Laur, Manager and Curator at the Juhan Kuus Documentary Photography Centre, commented.

The exhibition shows children caught in humanitarian crises and their dreams. Due to the coronavirus, we are also in the midst of a crisis in Estonia, which is not as severe as war, however, its impact on our lives and mental health should not be underestimated. In addition to health, the virus also devastates education, relationships, economic security, dreams of the future and many other areas. “This exhibition provides the young people of Estonia with a chance to share their crisis experience and dreams, while noticing, hearing and understanding the stories of other children from across the world,” Kristel Laur added. “I believe we can be compassionate about the fate of others and dreaming of a better future and working with determination towards it is what gives us hope that humanity can cope with change.”

Vincent Tremeau’s exhibition at the Juhan Kuus Documentary Photo Centre attracted the attention of Mondo because it is closely related to the activities of the non-profit organisation, which involves empowering people in the most vulnerable countries and advancing global education. “This exhibition is a vivid illustration of the trials faced by children in southern countries, and provides a more profound insight into what is happening globally. We have compiled learning materials to accompany the exhibition that provide information on the rights of children, the impact of military conflicts and the importance of development cooperation in solving humanitarian crises. We hope this virtual exhibition will touch young people and the learning materials will help teachers lead substantive discussions,” Global Education Project Manager Viktoria Lepp said.

The virtual exhibition was completed with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to mark the 75th anniversary of the UN and Estonia’s membership in the UN Security Council in 2020-2021. Development cooperation and humanitarian aid are integral to Estonia’s foreign policy and the protection of children in conflicts is among the priorities of Estonia as an elected member of the UN Security Council.

The aim of the virtual exhibition is to offer an immediate and convenient experience: you can move easily through the exhibition venue, read all accompanying texts, watch videos and participate interactively, for example, by adding your dreams of the future and sharing your impressions of the exhibition, just like in the real gallery, the Juhan Kuus Documentary Photo Centre.

We hope that new and familiar visitors will find us both virtually as well as at the Juhan Kuus Documentary Photo Centre in the Telliskivi Creative City very soon.

The exhibition is available here:

Learning materials can be accessed here: 

Additional information and contact:

Kristel Laur (exhibition enquiries) kristel@dokfoto.ee, +372 522 2422

Viktoria Lepp (leaning materials) maailmaharidus@mondo.org.ee, +372 5556 9444

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