NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Hoib gallery is opening the exhibition "Uncharted". "Uncharted" presents works by Anna Slama and Marek Delong as well as Pire Sova and Ando Naulainen.

The installative sculptures and video work by the two artist duos question the late capitalist world order reliant on growth, profit, competition and opposition. Instead, the artists envision an imaginative and collective future shared across different species.
“Uncharted” offers one possible future that does not evoke the post-anthropocene vision of decaying nuclear plants or mutated turtles struggling for survival, making their way through synthetic fishing nets. Anna Slama, Marek Delong, Pire Sova and Ando Naulainen image the human legacy as something organic, full of wonder, emotional and intuitive. “Uncharted” invites the viewer to discover an adventurous, forward-looking and mystical vision of the world.

The exhibition is on view until 3 July 2021 and is open by appointment.

The exhibition is supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Valmiermuiža.

Gallery name: Gallery Hoib

Address: Tehnika 15, Tallinn

Opening hours: Opened by appointment, +3725272556

Open: 01.06.2021 - 03.06.2021