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Tiit Pääsuke's exhibition "Bulls in Rye and Others" is open at Rüki Gallery on Thursday, May 6, where the artist's latest creations are presented. Some of the paintings arrive in Viljandi from Tartu, from the artist's large overview exhibition, but in addition, new works created for the Viljandi exhibition are exhibited.

“The name of the gallery Rüki and my father-mother’s hometown Viljandi immediately inspired me, me who has made some bull paintings and other animal pictures. As if by itself, the exhibition was named “Bulls in Rye and Others”. Like the old well-known Pääsuke, there are expected and unexpected color combinations and uncoordinated harmonies in the paintings. The content includes quotations, excerpts and repetitions of oneself, as well as myths and personal experiences. Bulls and other. What else is it that will be revealed at the exhibition, ”Tiit Pääsuke comments on his exhibition.

Tiit Pääsuke (b. 1941) is one of the leading figures in Estonian painting, studied at Tartu Art School and the Estonian State Art Institute. After graduating, he was also a lecturer, a professor at EAA, then a professor emeritus. Pääsuke has won several important awards and prizes, including the Konrad Mägi Medal in 1991, the Order of the White Star IV Class in 1999, the Estonian Cultural Endowment Annual Award in 2000, the Estonian Cultural Endowment for Fine Arts and Applied Arts Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017 and the Estonian Cultural Endowment Award in 2021. Lifetime Achievement Award. His works are in several Estonian and foreign art collections.

Gallery name: Rüki Gallery

Address: Tartu tn 7c, Viljandi

Opening hours: Tue-Fri 12:00 - 18:00, Sat 11:00 - 15:00 and by appointment, +372 52 89 059

Open: 06.05.2021 - 13.06.2021