NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

"Have you ever walked down the city streets when the last merrymakers have returned home, the lovers said goodbye and the early breadwinners haven't woken up yet? Have you felt the silence and mystery of this hour? Have you ever walked down the city streets as it rains or scatters snow like in a fairy tale? What does the lone walker think about in this hour? Have you walked through the city on a hot summer day and watched the tourists' awestruck expressions?" Peeter Tooming

The exhibition features images of early 21st century Tallinn. Today’s Tallinn is a modern metropolis, a city with advanced industry, booming construction and rich cultural traditions. Tallinn, a city of good working people – the true masters in their field, city of sea and storms, city of ships and songs, city of youth, beauty and friendship. Tallinn welcomes with a warm smile and a dignified master-of-the-house attitude everyone who comes here with the good wishes and kind heart. We are eager to show what has been succeeded during the centuries and talk keenly of our tomorrow’s plans.The exhibition reflects the daily life of the people of Tallinn and the beautiful nature of our hometown. The photographer believes that a faithful and emotional picture helps to gain a deeper understanding of our modern European life and a sense of poetry in the processes around us. with this exhibition, Andres Teiss wants to add a new take to the portrait of Tallinn. “People at work and on vacation; happy and worried; by sea and in the countryside – it all belongs to the portrait of every modern city, or actually produces hundreds of portraits of the city. The more such vignettes, the sweeter the city becomes. No matter, that built of steel and glass,” says the photographer

Gallery name: Outdoor Gallery

Address: Telliskivi 60A, Tallinn

Open: 04.03.2020 - 16.04.2020