NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Taavi Tulev is a designer who has been able to transfer drawing into his hobby, creating works that the artist Kiwa has called geometric psychedelia. The arches and lines in his paintings form a kind of mandalas that can take the viewer on a journey to distant galaxies as well as pave the way to inner space.

In Tartu, Taavi Tulev’s digital paintings can be seen for the first time, but the people of Tartu are familiar with Tulev’s music from the Estonian National Museum’s Ural Echo, which happens to be the world’s largest sound installation.

Taavi Tulev is known in the field of music as an electronic musician who can skillfully transfer the sounds of nature to the technological sound landscape. He has a wide range of compositions and has released several albums. In order to get the best experience when watching Tulevi’s work, it should be done in accordance with the world of sound, which is why Taavi Tulev performs musical performances from time to time in the District on both days of the exhibition.

The exhibition is open:

October 17 from 14-18

October 18 from 11-16

Gallery name: Mikrorajoon

Address: Lubja 1c/7 , Tartu

Opening hours: Opened by appointment, 5560 1425

Open: 17.10.2020 - 18.10.2020