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The exhibition speaks of unfolding, awareness of place and recollection where colours have a central role. The exhibition includes oil paintings on canvas and a painting installation that extends into the gallery space. The oil paintings were completed between spring 2020 and spring 2021.

Kristi Kongi writes, “When I think of colours and where they come from, they are usually connected with specific places. I have usually experienced these places on my way to or from somewhere. During the last few years, as I travel around, I have written down the names of colours. I have discovered that by describing these places in this way, according to colours, my recollection of the experience is more precise and truer.

“Shimmering star Magenta. Was it a dream or was it real?” is the second exhibition in the gallery’s program this year – “Ecology–Economy” – which addresses various sensitive issues in ecology and the economy.

Kristi Kongi (born 1985) is a painter and installation artist whose work focuses on colour, light, and space. Her bright coloured paintings often take the form of impressive installations created for specific settings. Besides painting on canvas, plywood, walls, floors and ceilings, she also uses various coloured materials such as fabric and acrylic plastic to create her painting installations.

Specific places that the artist has visited or inhabited, and her observations, emotions and memories are often the basis for her paintings and installations. She likes to create space-in-space situations by transferring those memory-places to the exhibition space using her own transformation systems. These arise from painting experiments where Kristi tests different questions related to colour, light and shade. Kristi has named those experiments “Exercises With the Moon” – an example of the poetic titles that her paintings and installations often bear.

Kristi Kongi studied painting at Tartu Art College (BA, 2004–2008) and the Estonian Academy of Arts painting department (MA, 2008–2011). She has been awarded the Young Artist Prize (2011), Sadolin Art Prize (2013), Konrad Mägi Prize (2017) and been nominated for the Köler Prize (2016). She is an associate professor in the painting department at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Gallery name: Kogo gallery

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