NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

The model is a presentation tool that is easy to relate to both professionals and those interested, both adults and children. Unfortunately, we live in an age when buildings are increasingly being created purely digitally and experienced and “visited” in the form of an image. Thus, it goes unnoticed that architecture is itself an environment and a context: it is not just a “picture” in front of us, but above all around us. Of course, the best experience of this is going around the building itself and using it. But the model also gives an idea of ​​this experience: it helps us to enter the building as an environment in our imagination. Thus, the models of Salto’s works bring out the environmental architecture in its environmental friendliness.

Gallery name: Rüki Gallery

Address: Tartu tn 7c, Viljandi

Opening hours: Tue-Fri 12:00 - 18:00, Sat 11:00 - 15:00 and by appointment, +372 52 89 059

Open: 27.11.2020 - 30.12.2020