NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

“Evaluated and Abandoned Books IV. Reading ”is the fourth exhibition in the series of exhibitions exploring the meanings of the book as a format and asking questions,“ Appreciated and Abandoned Books ”, a visual anthropological study of culture, the central theme of which is reading and accompanying.

The methodological basis is observation, statistics and research in the field, as well as personal experience and the position of the artist.
The context and site-specific environment of the exhibition is created by the historical background of the Kondas Center building. This has inspired one of the concept axes of the exhibition. Namely, the home of Viljandi Central Library for 54 years was the former pastorate building at Pikk tn 8. Reading as a cultural phenomenon that affects us all is integrated into our complex worldview. The year 2010 was the year of reading in Estonia with the aim of bringing reading into focus and counteracting the declining reading. How do we read 10 years later? What standards have we imperceptibly adopted? The book and the readers, the relationship between the two in a changing time – READING, these are the keywords of this exhibition.

Gallery name: The Kondas Centre

Address: Pikk 8, Viljandi

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11:00 - 18:00

Open: 20.01.2021 - 20.05.2021