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The present exhibition offers an overview of Piibe Arrak’s oeuvre from six decades.

The 1960s are characterised by broad and dashing brush strokes and mute colouring. The portraits of the next decade show thin layers of paint and brushing technique. In the 1980s, pastel and water colour dominate and depictions of old toys appear as a new theme. The nineties arrive with Norwegian landscapes and the next years bring Estonian natural shrines showing the artist’s concern with the survival of preserving and protecting our pristine nature. Throughout her life, flowers have remained Arrak’s main theme. A special place is held by works that have a thick coating of paint and have been made with a palette knife.Piibe Arrak is an artist from Tartu with a lengthy career. According to herself, she values “old school” artistic principles and wants to preserve the painterly traditions although she continues to develop her own artistic world view. Her greatest role models have been Arnold Akberg in high school, Alfred Kongo in the Tartu Art School, Erich and Melanie Arrak in the Veeriku Studio, Ann Audova, Linda Kits and Silvia Jõgever in the Nude Studio of the Tartu Art House, and, of course, her late husband Eevart Arrak. She is a member of both the Tartu Artists’ Union and Estonian Painters’ Association.Additional information:Tanel AsmerTartu Art House producerprodutsent@kunstimaja.ee5562 1192www.kunstimaja.eefacebook.com/kunstimajaTartu Art House (Vanemuise 26, Tartu, Estonia) is open Wed–Mon 12–18. Exhibitions are free of charge.The exhibitions of the Tartu Art House are supported by the Tartu Town Government and the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

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