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Kachanovskaya’s affectionate approach to painterly traditions stems from her diverse art education in Estonia and St Petersburg. But the content of the works is connected to the negative emotions that she has developed through the actual life of an artist and the role of artists in contemporary society. In her first personal exhibition in Tartu, Kachanovskaya creates a small world where the heritage of classical paintings intermingles with installation and video works inspired by conservation of art.

The artist adds: „In my art, I contemplate questions that are difficult for Estonia like the grey passports of citizenship-less people, unemployment in the arts and the incomprehension. My works are experiments where the skills of a conservator intertwine with contemporary art.”

Olesya Kachanovskaya (b 1983) has studied in the University of Tartu, Estonian Academy of Arts and in the Repin State Art Institute in St Petersburg. She has participated in the Shiryaevo Biennale (2018) and the Ural Industrial Biennial (2017) and in various group and personal exhibitions in Estonia, Russia, Italy, Belgium and Finland.

Gallery name: Tartu Art House Small Hall

Address: Vanemuise 26, Tartu

Opening hours: Mon, Wed-Sun 12:00 - 18:00

Open: 09.05.2019 - 09.06.2019