NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Arvo Pärt revealed to me the secret of creating a perfect whole in a dream. The perfect work is created in music as a result of omitting notes. What does not have an important place in the work. The whole is formed from pauses between rhythms, but also from the lost layers, the grooved structure - only hints remain. Like a worn lace curtain, we perceive the sequence of the pattern, although we do not see the missing places.

Pärt’s music is the same. We perceive something that is not. The perception of structure in our head restores missing notes (patterns). This makes the work enjoyable, because the task is easy for the brain. In the dream it was said that the creation encoded in this way triggers healing in the body – the body begins to perceive the missing patterns and repetitions of the system and restore them.

The structure of being is everywhere in and around us – a unique repetition in various objects created by nature. This is the endless morse of the world, the task of our lives is to learn to understand it. Nature gives us clues – the right schemes of being, for those who can read it. Our ancestors have manipulated reality through patterns. Theories say that the pattern was deliberately mistaken to improve reality.

The artist picks out only a few clues from the complex whole of life. It is like a mystery, the solving of which decodes the nature of the world. The receiver / viewer fills in the missing meaning and content. But only if it continues to ring in him or the pattern begins to draw inside him. The perfect work or whole comes together in our head with the help of personal feelings and experiences. Something happens that did not exist before. Something that cannot be touched or measured.

The artist makes clear-cutting in the forest, where only a few trees remain. The viewer-listener gets an emotion from the work about the sad lack of lost trees and puts them back there in the spirit eye – he creates his world. What is important is the missing part of the structure, which makes fantasy work. The most important is the invisible to the naked eye. Emptiness – the cleansing state structures the patterns of the senses.

The distance between objects – not present – determines the result. The embossed spotted fabric forms various surprisingly complex optical patterns when printed in layers, depending on the angle at which one layer is placed relative to the other.
Creation is a meeting of resonant levels – a creative spirit and a life phenomenon that triggers inspiration and something else. Different perspectives form new patterns with different densities, it is a creation in the multiplicity of its possibilities. The change of distance between objects creates different spatial worlds – situations and life situations. Distance has taken on a new meaning in connection with the pandemic.

Every spectator can create in the exhibition – create multi-level worlds from a simple structure. We are all in constant creation, because it is one of the basic needs of man.

My graphic series is being intertwined with silence in breaks between breaks, which explores the regularity of patterns of being. The series maps missing parts and breaks to structures. Even the lack of something material in our daily lives is part of a harmonious whole in a larger pattern.

The whole is due to emptiness.

Lembe Ruben

Many thanks to: Kaupo Kangur, Siim Soop, Agur Kruusing, Mirja-Mari Smidt and Estonian Cultural Endowment

Gallery name: Haapsalu Linnagalerii

Address: Posti 3, Haapsalu

Opening hours: Wed-Sun 12:00 - 18:00

Open: 04.02.2021 - 28.02.2021