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Painter and photographer Anna Kõuhkna presents her latest artworks at her solo exhibition "New Circle" in Solaris Gallery.

“In a way, the works are self-portraits and then also universally interpretable. They are planned to be both, of course. The paintings are the translation of one’s own experience into creation, like diary entries. It can also be said that they are both present and timeless, each scene deals with a separate feeling. The general mood of the series is about the emergence of light that takes place after abandoning one’s time-lived beliefs or temples. Both woman and nature give strength and deserve to be celebrated. The main character interprets societal expectations and prospects and compares them with internal recognitions. Self-contradictions can lead to an understanding of individual truth or internal code. The “New Circle” marks the end of a long cycle and the beginning of the next,” the author describes her latest work.

Anna Kõuhkna (b. 1994) is a painter, photographer, illustrator, and art teacher. She graduated with a BA from the Art Department of the Baltic Film and Media School, studied leather art at Tartu Art College, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in the joint art education program of EAA / TU. She has made several solo exhibitions (eg “Reflections” at the Fahle Gallery 2019; “Floats in His Own Country” at the Gallery Positive 2019) as well as group exhibitions (eg “Trialogue” Castellan House Gallery 2019).

Kõuhkna’s work depicts nature and the female figure, and the themes that the artist explores deal with femininity and being a woman, the inner attitudes, longings, joys, and manifestations that embrace it. In the case of a female figure, it is intentional that the character is partly both a self-portrait of the artist and, by its very nature, universal and more widely interpretable.

Gallery name: Solaris gallery

Address: Estonia puiestee 9, Tallinn

Opening hours: Wed-Sun 12:00 - 22:00

Open: 27.08.2020 - 27.09.2020