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MYCELIA x QUIETIVO will soon open in the A-Gallery windows.


Karin Kent Grundberg

Mycelia are about all those that live underground. Metaphorically and literally. Organisms neglected by the majority, hidden in darkness. Lives that keep living against all odds. Like an iceberg they are inconspicuous on the surface but immense beneath. Biding their time, weaving their nets. Silently waiting for the day to come when their hands, hooves, tentacles, vines and creepers will reach through the crust. Forcing their otherness on a dying planet.

Karin Kent Grundberg is a Swedish sculptor and artist, mainly working in metal and glass. With aesthetics verging on roughness or uncanniness she is challenging beauty ideals and encouraging the viewer to find beauty in flaws and imperfections. Through a mythological filter she creates stories about marginalized organisms of all species – the weeds in the cracks of the concrete – joining forces to erupt the whole man-made world in an organic revolution.


Francesca Locati

For those who take time to observe, meditate, contemplate. For those who take a breath and dive into the human subconscious. For those who want to go beyond limits and temporal space.

Quietivo is the sublime feeling given by the mere, pure and ideal contemplation of the colour blue. If we refer blue to the main natural elements that surround us in our daily life, the sky and the water, we see the colour but in reality, blue doesn’t exist because it’s just a reflection of light. For these reasons the material I used in the collection is transparent borosilicate glass. Since the colour blue acts as a push and pull force during this process of meditation, the archetype shape visible in almost all the pieces of the collection is the funnel. It recalls the shape of a drop falling down into the water but it also recalls the movement of our body during the respiration, a very important action during contemplation.

Quietivo means to contemplate the object going beyond the representation of the will. Quietivo is breath, air, void. Quietivo is being suspended and being in balance between what is material and immaterial. Quietivo is the invisible and imperceptible cosmos, infinite space and silence. Quietivo is limitless, out of reach and undergoing. Stop yourself, observe, feel, breathe and meditate. Have you ever been beyond those ephemeral limits? How far did you go?

Francesca Locati is a young Italian jewelry designer. She holds a BA in fashion design specialization in jewelry design, from Istituto Europeo di Design in Milano. She was selected for the JPlus Award prize 2019 and her works were exhibited in Piacenza, Turin, Rome and Barcelona. Francesca has been a workshop assistant, a high school teacher and at the moment she is working as product developer, material researcher and designer assistant in an Italian bag and jewelry fashion company.

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Open: 03.03.2021 - 24.04.2021