NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

The exhibition “Morning Sauce on Home Keys” by Karola Ainsar and Karl-Christoph Rebas talks about everyday life, personal space and a sense of home. Karola Ainsar’s paintings allow the viewer to explore her personal space – to explore the still life on the floor and in the closet, without taking out the garbage bags and unwashed dishes in the sink. His works are intimate, sharing real life in the form of photographs. The series of photos on the sinks exhibited at the exhibition explores the meaning and significance of objects in the room in creating a sense of home. Ainsari is most fascinated by the ultimate everyday life – for example, foggy bathroom mirrors or the sound of locking the door. Exploring the real home is one of the main topics that Ainsar deals with in her work. This exhibition can also be considered as a further development of her previous solo exhibition “Nõlvaku”. In the exhibited videos, Karl-Christoph Rebane examines what a home looks like, who is there and what clothes they wear. He manipulates the imagination of everyday situations, creating witty and apt connections. With the mixed-art work “Mini-A”, Rebane brings home drama and trauma, a black cat, Mini-A to the gallery space, telling about belonging to a story and belonging to someone. For Rebase, creation is an opportunity to find solutions – he often repeats similar paths and patterns in a new key, louder and louder. Karl-Christoph Rebane is mainly involved in fashion art, in which he dissects gender roles and creates clothes that are not just gender-neutral, but both feminine and masculine at once. “Morning Sauce on Home Keys” is the first exhibition by Karola Ainsar and Karl-Christoph Rebase. It started in the summer of 2019, when sketches, ideas and countless conversations left ways to speak from home through visual language, trying to convey the feeling of currant bushes in Assamalla, the concrete blocks of the art academy, Haapsalu streets and beaches, in paintings.

Gallery name: Haapsalu Linnagalerii

Address: Posti 3, Haapsalu

Opening hours: Wed-Sun 12:00 - 18:00

Open: 02.12.2020 - 03.01.2021