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The SOLARIS Gallery will be opening a big solo exhibition for the painter Meriliis "MERU" Rinne (UK/EST) for her new show "There is a monster inside me - feed her love".

“My new exhibition, like the previous one, is feminine, but also universal, this time talking about the dark side in each of us, the monster sitting in a dark corner behind the beautiful facade, that is also gentle on the inside, needing attention, care and love. The ways we fulfill our dreams often make us contradictory and incomprehensible to others as well as to ourselves. My personal and life experiences and special expressive aesthetics are the material for this exhibition and also a means of resolving this conflict,” the author describes her latest work.
Meriliis “MERU” Rinne is an Estonian artist who lives and works in the UK. Her main medium is painting, but also sculpture, video, photography, and performance art. She has had solo and group exhibitions both at home and abroad, the latter of which includes a solo exhibition entitled “When I First Saw Pink, I Wanted to Scream” at the Haus Gallery in Tallinn and “Memory & Landscape” at the Art 23 Gallery in London.

Chris Rhythmdoctor (UK) will take care of the musical background for the opening of the art exhibition, and the spirited SOUL and FUNK will lead the evening for us to the night.

The exhibition will be open until November 7.
For more information: artinfo@bohemiangalleries.com or phone +372 53 908 107

Gallery name: Solaris gallery

Address: Estonia puiestee 9, Tallinn

Opening hours: Wed-Sun 12:00 - 22:00

Open: 02.10.2020 - 07.11.2020