NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Project PÕHJALA Galleries, the aim of which is to fill the entire territory of the PÕHJALA factory with art by creating several different galleries and art exhibition opportunities there. The exhibition space Studio Studio II will be opened first. floor, the common denominator of which will be the Corridor Galleries. The Gallery of the Corridor and also the PÕHJALA Gallery in general will be opened by the exhibition “Wish You were here” by the Estonian artist Meriliis MERU Rinne, residing in London.

The name of the exhibition is derived from philosophizing on current topics, where in the new situation we can no longer simply fly long distances, visit our friends, parents or grandparents, fly to open or view an art exhibition. Many people have been given the opportunity to meet people who are dear to us. The title of the exhibition can also be seen in a spiritual sense – fear and different perspectives also divide close people. It is important to focus on the fact that, although the perspectives are different, we could still be HERE in one thing – on one page – we are still friends, dear ones, we are people and we stand for good things in our hearts. When man is sometimes absent, both spiritually and physically, then the earth is always present, present at the moment when it was created. In the key of this exhibition you can think that the author is away, far away in London and the exhibition opens here, but the paintings are present and the author is also through all these different projections recorded on a rough canvas. With this exhibition, we also want to signal that it is important to be present and value the moment – to be in the moment when you are standing in front of a work or sitting on a park bench, meeting a dear friend in a café or enjoying a concert – these moments are more important than all the noise around us.

The exhibition to be exhibited in the Nordic Galleries can be called the aftermath of the artist’s solo exhibition “There is a monster inside me – feed her love” in October of this year. in visual language as well as in the use of materials, this series of paintings is also created by reusing materials and with its honesty and roughness fits perfectly into the industrial romantic environment of the old factory.

Raoul Kurvitz wrote of the expressive series of paintings exhibited at the SOLARIS Gallery: “MERU, however, is not an egomaniacal determinant: her seemingly damn-expressive approach is deeply intelligent and even analytical. The predator inside Meru indicates where the color box should come, a second later the cold-calculating artist Meru has a ready-made solution on how to place it exactly on the canvas, ”(more in the culture newspaper Sirp, 06.11.2020).

Meriliis “MERU” Rinne is an Estonian artist who lives and works in Great Britain. Her main medium is painting, but also sculpture, video, photography and performance. She has performed solo and group exhibitions both at home and abroad, the latter including a solo exhibition entitled “When I First Seeed Pink, I Wanted to Scream” at the Haus Gallery and “Memory & Landscape” at the Art 23 Gallery in London.

Gallery name: Põhjala tehas

Address: marati 5, Tallinn

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12:00 - 18:00

Open: 12.12.2020 - 15.02.2021