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The opening of Kertu Rannula’s exhibition “memories –50%” in Vitriingalerii, Põhja pst 35. The exhibition takes place in 4 different locations: in Vitriingalerii and in 3 abandoned showcases in the Old Town of Tallinn (Vana-Posti, Mündi and Pikk street). A collective tour to the Old Town is held on the opening night at 6.30pm. The installation is on view around the clock from Dec 3 until Dec 17, 2020.

“Souvenir” derives from the eponymous French word meaning a remembrance or a memory. As sentimental beings, we like to collect and store objects and attribute meanings to them. The habit of bringing keepsakes from journeys is one way of collecting and storing memories. Remembrances of various trips take on a physical form, ending up on refrigerators and shelves before soon being forgotten. Although it might seem like souvenirs symbolize memories or the wishes and desires of travelling, there is something repulsive about the material bric-a-brac. What does a cheap, mass-produced travel keepsake symbolize?
The year of 2020 put a hold on global travelling and many planned trips were cancelled or postponed until further notice. Although the break from travelling is temporary, it provides a convenient time to reflect and dream: why and how do we travel and what do we expect from it? How can we escape the problems of everyday life if we can’t go abroad? The exhibition “memories -50%” in Vitriingalerii and in the abandoned showcases of Tallinn’s Old Town, draw attention to the vulnerability of tourism and entertainment industries—including the ruin of the Old Town. The exhibitions also function as a starting point to asking personal questions about the desire to travel and the collection of memories.
Kertu Rannula (1997) lives and works in Tallinn. She is currently studying photography in the Estonian Academy of Arts but she has also studied at the department of Fine Arts in the Iceland University of the Arts (2020). She is inspired by the beauty and sadness of everyday life, her art practice is a way for her to adapt to the world. She is active in the collective GARBA6E_473.
The exhibition “memories –50%” takes place in the Vitriingallerii and in 3 abandoned showcases in the Old Town of Tallinn, located on the streets Vana-Posti, Mündi and Pikk. Exact locations of the showcases can be found in the discussion of this event. NB! The exhibitions in all of the showcases are on show around the clock!
Graphic design: Sigrid Liira
“memories –50%” is part of the exhibition series “580 x 755 x 160”. The exhibition series “580 x 755 x 160” takes place within the framework of Camille Laurelli’s course “Showcase Gallery”, which brings together three different showcases with three independent exhibition programs. Showcases are located at Volta tram stop, on the facade of ARS building and EKKM (Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia). The exhibition series taking place in the Vitriingalerii is curated by: Aliis Mehide, Amie Chan, Brigit Arop, Reds Cheung ja Zoya Slavina.

Gallery name: Vitriingalerii

Address: Põhja puiestee 35, Tallinn

Open: 03.12.2020 - 17.12.2020