NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Mart Vainre's paintings consist of real and imitated paint. By combining human gestures and their machine copies, he exemplifies an individual's self-perception in the age of the global digital network, which offers many opportunities to blur the sense of presence.

Vainre is like a ritual painter and technosurf. These characters are, as it were, opposing imaging methods by which he creates visual transmissions from the individual to the machine and vice versa. When manually imitating generative techniques, it is often unclear whether a person is in control of technology or whether we are losing control.

At the ARS Showroom, he shows two paintings completed in the last year that still have working titles: Expanding Man Degrading (2020) and Trippin ’In The Uncanny Valley (2021), and the black material they created. In addition, a constantly growing process work consisting of residual paint “Self-conscious color lump” (2016 -…) is also exhibited.

Gallery name: ARS Art Factory

Address: Pärnu mnt 154, Tallinn

Open: 05.02.2021 - 28.02.2021