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The artist presents a video installation "After / Ahead" (2017) and two new photo series in Viljandi, one of which was completed in collaboration with Tiiu Suvi.

Mark Raidpere: “I think of a living space filled with desires and hope, the progress of life excitement. To have a solid floor and a window in the wall to look out from under your feet. The room itself is tired, filled with memories and connections, long-lost failures and achievements, the sadness and power of forgotten people. He dominates, protects and determines. ” The “Isolation Dialogue” (spring 2020), completed in cooperation with Tiiu Suvi, is part of the Isolation Dialogues project initiated by the Photo Museum and uniting various authors, the aim of which was to capture the perception of isolation time through visual dialogues.

Mark Raidpere (1975) is a photographer and video artist who lives and works in Tallinn. He has represented Estonia at the 51st Venice Art Biennale with the solo exhibition Isolator (2005). Raidpere’s works have been exhibited in numerous international joint and solo exhibitions and he has won several prestigious awards both in Estonia and abroad. He is represented by Galerie Michel Rein (Paris).

Tiiu Suvi (1969) is a journalist. She portrays people in Ekspress Meedia magazine “Anne & Style ”and in the cultural supplement“ Arena ”of Eesti Ekspress.

Thank you: Estonian Cultural Endowment, Artproof, Living Pictures, Siim Vahur, Aleks Märtson, Johannes Säre, Villem Säre, Maimu Raidpere, Martin Tuulik

Gallery name: Rüki Gallery

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