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Leo Rohlin exhibits his newly completed wall reliefs that serve as a continuation of the artist's former pieces and his artist's technique. The central themes of the current exposition are peace, silence and light. His meditational compositions can be characterized by completeness, richness in detail where the leading role is played by a simple crosshead screw. Powerful yet fragile, extremely pure geometric motifs express the paradigm of simplicity, playfulness, contemporaneousness and timelessness. While taking into consideration the moment, time and light, the artist has approached his work with respect and relied on his childhood experience.

In my early childhood I lived in Karilatsi, Põlva county, Estonia. The post-war years were harsh. On the Christmas week, a fir tree was brought to home. We hanged silver-plated cardboard decorations on it – plenty of stars and a crescent moon. We also attached silver-plated wired candle holders with white candles to the fir branches. My bed with a thatched mattress was in the same room, with the view to the fir tree and the window where the real moon cast its silver glimmer and thousands of real stars were blinking through the white crocheted curtain. When I approached the window, I saw white snowdrifts reaching to the windows and sparkling in the moonlight. All this melted into a silver-white shining mystery of Christmas time full of anticipation and every time a year ends these memories still keep coming back to me. Today, almost 75 years later, I am trying to weave at least something of these memories and shine into the archetypal images presented at this pre-Christmas exhibition. Perhaps this modest display of works expresses anticipation for something brighter.

/ Leo Rohlin /


Leo Rohlin is an acknowledged Estonian ceramic artist, ceramic teacher and professor emeritus of the Estonian Academy of Arts. He is also the author of the two books: „Keraamika käsiraamat“ („Manual of Ceramics“, 2003) and „Eesti keraamika ajast aega“ („Estonian ceramics throughout the ages“, 2007). Since 1965, Rohlin has participated in more than 90 exhibitions both in Estonia and abroad. His artworks belong to the collection of the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Estonian History Museum, Porvoo City Museum in Finland and in private collections in Sweden, USA and Estonia. Leo Rohlin is a member of the Estonian Artists’ Association and Estonian Ceramists’ Association.


Exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.


Exhibitions in HOP gallery are supported by the Estonian Ministry of Culture, Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Liviko Ltd.


Due to the increase in spreading of COVID-19 in Estonia, HOP gallery will cancel all exhibition openings until the end of 2020.


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