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Laura Laasiku's exhibition "Blanket" is open on the windows of the Gallery Positive, overlooking the exhibition space, with the blanket at its center as a universal object that offers a sense of security. From May 3, you can see the exhibition in the gallery, we are waiting for you!

The artist is interested in the activities and habits that have become part of people’s everyday life, which are rather exceptional in society and which are not easy for the bystander to understand and explain to themselves. He believes that behind all such routine activities lie the diverse worlds of those whose fragments are always worth exploring.

The idea for the “Blanket” project came to the artist when a loved one talked about his difficult childhood, when he often had to sleep under a winter coat or a rolled-up mattress. The story touched Laura deeply, because the situation that was a everyday reality for the child at that time should never have been an acceptable normality.

“In search of further material, I visited Internet chat rooms, asking their anonymous users what they have used instead of the deck, if they have not had it available,” the artist explains. “There were a variety of answers. Some joked, others agreed to share context-free fragments of their lives with strangers.

Laura Laasik (1989) is a visual artist who uses photography to explore cultural and social connections. He studied art at the Minerva Academy of Arts in the Netherlands and will soon complete his master’s degree in photography at Aalto University in Helsinki. The exhibition “Blanket” is Laura Laasiku’s first personal exhibition in the gallery Positiiv. The artist thanks the Estonian Cultural Endowment.

Additional information: Gallery Kristel Schwede, phone 5809 3140, kristel@positiiv.ee Laura Laasik, laura.laasik@gmail.com Photo: Laura Laasik. Tekk.

Gallery name: Gallery Positiiv

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Open: 19.04.2021 - 14.05.2021