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The artist depicts still lifes and beings around us, once from the past, but also moving to the present. They are reminiscent in color of distant beings with whom we can identify.

“With each step, his color becomes more intense, his form more perfect, and the light he emits is brighter with each step. Proof of his sensitivity is the fact that he only attains his perfect form at the last stage, and only if he who ascends the stairs is a spiritually developed being. ” J.L. Borges.

The first part of this idea is exhibited in the group exhibition “Let Me Dream Once Again” in the Art Gallery of the Narva Museum. The exhibition is based on the creature or creatures around us. The creatures are transformed into the colors around us. For example: “Today I felt sad for a moment, that the magenta is gone. But in the evening, when the turquoise appeared, the magenta was still shining next to it again. ”Or“ My right hand said that cadmium orange could save todays day. ”“ Magenta touched my soul deeply. So deeply I gasped and anxiously waited for each new touch. ” “There were many different creatures to see. But their shape and form remained incomprehensible. They could not be described. Only through color could they be distinguished from each other. ”

Kristi Kongi (b. 1985) studied painting at Tartu Art College (BA, 2004-2008) and graduated from the Painting Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts (MA, 2008-2011). She has been awarded the Young Artist Award (2011), the Sadolin Art Award (2013), the Konrad Mägi Award (2017) and nominated for the Köler Prize in 2016. Her solo exhibitions have been organized both in Estonia and abroad, and she has participated in group exhibitions in Estonia, Italy, Germany, the USA, Denmark and Lithuania.

The gallery thanks: Estonian Cultural Endowment, Grand Hotel Viljandi

Gallery name: Rüki Gallery

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