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The exhibition “Trinity - Science. Art. Science Fiction. ” is curated by Kaija Põhako-Esko and Tõnu Esko. The aim of the exhibition is to touch the technical and ethical boundaries of modern science through art. The areas in question can be conditionally divided into two: the inner space, which includes what is happening inside man, and the outer space, or everything that is outside of us. The exhibition is built as a journey through both spheres.

The curators of the exhibition are geneticist Tõnu Esko and materials scientist Kaija Põhako-Esko. Tõnu, who works at the Institute of Genomics of the University of Tartu as a professor and deputy director of human genomics, has won the Estonian Young Scientist Award and the Estonian Research Prize for human genome research. Kaija is currently a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow and works at the Institute of Technology of the University of Tartu as a materials technology researcher. The exhibition combines art, science and science fiction. The comments of the curators, other researchers involved and science fiction writers help to open the topics covered across the spectrum – from reality to the wildest fantasies.

“Science and technology are evolving faster than ever before. Thus, the question of whether everything that is possible should also be allowed is becoming increasingly important. Biotechnologies are increasingly pushing the boundaries of human capabilities and humanity. But who is human? Does a genetically modified and machine-equipped cyborg fit into this definition? ”Kaija Põhako-Esko opens the range of topics covered at the exhibition. “The key questions in genetics are whether diseases can be completely cured from humanity and at what cost. Where could directed evolution take us? Is immortality achievable? ”Tõnu Esko complements the choice of topics.

According to a couple of scientists, both art and literature are an inspiration to them in doing science – science fiction written decades ago is today’s reality. When curating the exhibition, their aim is to bring art and science closer together at first glance, and to show that art helps to easily explain complex research results. In addition, it can be said that art is always one step ahead of science in time: the ethical dilemmas that science reaches today or only tomorrow, when technical boundaries allow it, have long been thoroughly discussed in art. Alar Tuul, Estookin, Siiri Jüris, Eike Eplik, Elo-Mai Mägi, Grisli and Danel Kahar, Regina Mareta Soonsein, Edgar Tedresaar, Markus Kasemaa, Kalju Kivi and Leonhard Lapin will participate in the exhibition. Curator Tõnu Esko will also make his debut as an artist at the exhibition. The graphic design was by Jaanus Kaasik, the exhibition was designed by Kaili Kask. The works were illuminated by Taavi Toom.

The eighth season exhibition “Trinity – Science. Art. Ulme. ”Can be seen in the gallery on Lake Peipsi until the end of August.

Gallery name: Voronja Gallery

Address: Kesk 27, Varnja küla, Tartumaa

Opening hours: Wed-Sun 12:00 - 18:00

Open: 02.06.2021 - 29.08.2021