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On Friday, 5 June at 5 p.m. the community exhibition “It’s Incredibly Cool to See All of You Here!” will be opened in the small gallery of the Tartu Art House. The exhibition is compiled and designed by the artist and art writer Kaire Nurk.

The exhibition has formed through subjective sensibilities and according to Nurk she has seemingly been curating it for the last thirty years. The participants are authors whose oeuvre / exhibitions Nurk has been inspired by and has felt the need to delve deeper by writing about them. Since the meeting of the artists takes place in a real space that, by nature, is limiting, the number of participants has demanded another selection: these are mostly authors about whom Nurk has written more, with whom she has socialised more or with whom she has had collaborative projects. That is why the projects is called a community exhibition.

Participating artists: Vano Allsalu, Jüri Arrak, Eike Eplik, Virge Jõekalda, Markus Kasemaa, Jüri Kask, Eve Kiiler, Kiwa, Lola Liivat, Eve Luik, Kaie Luik, Mare Mikof, Ede Raadik, Jüri Ojaver, Terje Ojaver, Kaido Ole, Uwe Schloen, Tiina Tammetalu, Enn Tegova, Jaan Toomik, Maria-Kristiina Ulas, Jevgeni Zolotko.

Kaire Nurk adds: “Since I have written about the oeuvre of my colleagues, I have avoided ‘(art)criticism’ and have mainly used interpretation. That is why I have dared to invite them to participate. On the one hand, this exhibition tries to visualise the textual process of me as a writer, on the other hand, it is a tribute to my colleagues, and thirdly it is an exciting challenge to assemble authors who would otherwise never encounter each other and to create a multi-layered emotional combination with a message.”

The exhibition is accompanied by unique small publication that collects a selection of articles.

Kaire Nurk (b 1960) has studied history, philosophy and painting at the University of Tartu. She is one of the most prolific art writers in Estonia. Besides participating in exhibitions as an artist, Nurk has curated and designed the following projects:

2011 ENESEREFLEKSIIVNE II. KUNSTNIK (Tartu Art College teachers) / Noorus Gallery, Tartu
2009 KUTSE EINELE (autumn exhibition of Jõgeva County artists) / p ART Gallery, Põltsamaa
2009 Uwe Schloen’s Haltestelle exterior object and accompanying exhibitions in Estonia / Tartu Art House monumental gallery; p ART Gallery, Põltsamaa (curated)
2008 Lola Liivat retrospective / Viinistu Art Museum
2006 MINA ÜTLEN ENESEREFLEKSIIVNE KUNST (Tartu Art College teachers) / Y Gallery, Tartu
2000 Exhibition of the graduates of the Palamuse school / Oskar Luts’s School Museum, Palamuse
1999 INIMENE ON INIMENE (conceptual exhibition dedicated to the Higher Art School Pallas (1919–1940)) / Tartu Art House
1999 Group exhibition of artists from Tartu / Baltic Defence College, Tartu
1996 KUNSTIKARJAMAAL (graduates of the University of Tartu Painting Department) / Tartu Art House (collective design)
1995 REVOLUTSIOON TARTUS. SUPILINN LÄHEB TAEVASSE (young painters from Tartu) / National Library of Estonia, Tallinn (with Toomas Mürk)

The exhibition will remain open until 28 June.

Gallery name: Tartu Art House Small Hall

Address: Vanemuise 26, Tartu

Opening hours: Mon, Wed-Sun 12:00 - 18:00

Open: 01.06.2020 - 28.06.2020